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Make certain you always take this medicine as recommended.

See to it you tell your safety treatment provider if the moderate negative effects mentioned change in strength and start to conflict with your everyday life, as an amount change could be really needed.

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Call your doctor if you experience chest discomfort, lightheadedness, sudden intense loss of vision, fainting, calling in ears, priapism, itching or burning during urination, rash, lack of breath, obscured eyesight, loss of hearing, or lightheadedness, as those are serious adverse effects feasible in some unusual cases.

Make sure you mention to your medical professional such severe adverse effects as priapism, abrupt intense loss of eyesight, fainting, loss of hearing, itching or burning throughout urination, lack of breath, lightheadedness, breakout, breast discomfort, masked eyesight, dizziness, or ringing in ears, as they imply your treatment is not going right.